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Mismanaged traffic in Gummat Bazaar creating hurdles for smooth passage

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 1/10/2018 10:57:47 AM

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Jan 9
While the state government is functioning from the Jammu, and entire machinery is here, resulted into the doubling the load of traffic on the ever congested roads, which are already struggling with the mismagnement in the traffic system.
The traffic system at Vinayak Bazaar in Gummat area is the glaring example of the mismanaged traffic system, a long queue of unattended vehicles could be seen outside the shops, which make it impossible for the mini-buses as well as the other vehicles to pass through this small stretch. One has to waste his precious time if he is desirous to pass through this area at once.
“The people who loves to enjoy the non-veg food items in this bazaar used to park their vehicles for hours, they never bothered about the people and others, who are passing through this area,” said Manohar Lal Gupta, a trader in the area.
“Whenever, we tried to talk with the traders, who are running the business of non-veg food items in the area, they shift the entire responsibility on the shoulders of traffic department and assert that it is the duty of traffic department to maintain the area, from any illegal parking of the vehicles, and if any park his vehicle, they must lift the vehicle and penalize the commuter,” maintained Mr Gupta, while talking to the Young Bites.
Meanwhile, the traffic cops also have their own story, they claimed that whenever they appeal the people not to park their vehicles on the road side, the traders come out in support of the people and thus created a long ending illegal parking place on the road side.
“It is the duty of traders as well as the customers to park their vehicle at an idle place, so that the flow of traffic should be maintained smoothly, otherwise due to their negligence, others has to face many difficulties, while passing through this road stretch,” said a senior cop deputed at the main junction of Gummat bazaar over anonymity.
The market association further appeals to visitors to park their vehicles an idle place and save others to face difficulties as none has enough time to waste in such unending traffic jams.


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