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Shishu Samadhian Land Scam

Zafar Bhat. Dated: 1/10/2018 10:56:37 AM

Illegal encroachment by invader turns ‘graveyard for children’ into a Commercial hub

* Unreasonable and unwarranted haste shown by the authorities in allotting 'Shishu
Samadhian' to a private party for Commercial activities.
* Despite objection from the locals, illegally leased out of graveyard land was made in violation of Govt. order.
* Portion of Graveyard turns into a garbage dump.
Zafar Bhat
Jammu, Jan 9
A new Shishu Smadhian land scam has emerged in Jammu which has exposed that land mafia did not even spare graves while encroaching upon a huge chunk that belongs to the J&K Sewa Samiti. Whereas, it came to light that large portions of the Shishu Samadhian (graveyard for children) at Rehari Colony Road Jammu, have been carved into illegal construction being sold mainly for commercial purpose in grave violation of law of land, while remaining part of graveyard has turned into garbage dump due to negligence of concerned authority.
A deeper look reveals that there is a huge chunk of land situated at Rehari Colony Road, Jammu which owned and possessed by Shishu Samdhian which is State Land for the purposes of graveyard as per the Jamabandi and Kahsra Girdawari, and being used for the burial of children.
Whereas, some land mafia has illegally and fraudulently leased out the part of some land to private persons for his pecuniary interest.
Notably, the portion of graveyard land had been leased in violation of Govt. Order No. Rev.(NDJ) 55 of 2000 dated 18.4.2000, Revenue Department. It read as under, “It is hereby ordered that no allotment of Land whether State or Auqaf shall be made without the approval of Hon’ble Chief Minister.
The leased out piece of land belonging to Shishu Samadian on which structure has already been raised for commercial activities by an earlier person in whose possession the land was on for rupees 2400/- per annum. The concerned person is running the chemist shop, clinic, and Diagnostic Centre under. On the other side of the Shishu Samadhian the person is running shop.
Whereas according to the Govt. Order No. Rev.(NDJ) 55 of 2000 dated 18.4.2000 the allotment of state land the approval of Hon’ble Chief Minister is the competent person to order for allotment of the State Land.
It is worthy to mention here that Supreme Court of Indian High Court of Jammu and Kashmir had given judgment as regarding graveyard and cremation ground and use of common grounds under no allotment or regularization of any land shall be made which has been duly earmarked for public utilities /services such as park, cremation ground, graveyard and such other purposes as the State government specify by notification in the official Gazette.
Therefore, the land which was set apart for a facility as a cremation ground could not be allotted or regularized for any other purpose.
Ironically, no initiatives have been taken for beautification, and cleanliness of the said land. No development works have been initiated by concerned maintenance authority.
As per sources, the resident of the area approached the Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu on 13.06.2017 with representation against the mentioned structure. In consequence of which concerned Tehsildar had given the report dated 7.7.2017 in which he mentioned that the above-mentioned structure was in illegal possession of the private person and no permission has been sought by him. Then ADC Jammu had also served notices to three parties all residents near Gurdawara, Jammu regarding encroachment/sale of public Sale land of Shihsu Samadhian.
Pertinently, local residents of Rehari Colony demand appropriate action against land mafia and land grabbers who turn shishu samadhian land into a commercial hub.


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