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Wearing Army-pattern dress illegal, respect for a symbol as sacred as the flag cannot be termed fashionable

Vijay Gupta. Dated: 1/8/2018 11:09:36 AM

* We should learn to respect a symbol as sacred as the flag
* The shopkeepers are blatantly flouting the rules by open selling
* Need stricter imposition of the ban to avoid the misuse of the combat uniform
* Civilians must avoid wearing 'Army-pattern' dress
Vijay Gupta
Jammu, Jan 7
Even though the ban has been imposed for many years now, the olive-green uniform, combat uniform, khaki uniform, other military-aviation-related attire or the special cloth could be easily procured from the market. Some of the big fashion stores also sell camouflage shirts and trousers, which unfortunately shows that people have not learned to place respect over self-gain for a symbol as sacred as the flag. While, the Army and paramilitary forces, as per reports, have written to the defence ministry to impress upon the state government to strictly impose the ban.
However, the state government under notification number /PS/150-60/CID had earlier imposed ban on the sale and purchase of the combat uniforms but what has become a serious concern in the army and other security agencies is its easy availability in the market.
Particularly, ghe shopkeepers are blatantly flouting the rules by openly selling the Army uniforms and accessories used by defence personnel without procuring any license. The sellers don't even bother to check the customer's ID card, which is very dangerous with security point of view. Not only the uniforms, even boots, jackets, belts, bed rolls and signs used by defence personnel are available in the markets. The shops selling these items can be found easily in malls and markets.Whereas, as per rule of law, any person who wants to buy the uniform was supposed to submit a self-attested copy of his identity card and phone number with the shopkeeper and this record is duly maintained along with date of sale in the record register of the shopkeeper.Notably, it is the duty of the State government to issue a warning to not wear its military’s uniform in music videos, photo shoots, and concerts. Moreover, the government should further move a step forward by making a valid point in not tolerating any mockery of its military uniform. It has become easy to use the uniform to fulfill one’s own agenda by people, therefore more emphasis needs to be placed on maintaining the honor, courage and commitment that should reflect the privilege of wearing the uniform. We’re all very proud of the Indian Army. One of the largest volunteer armies in the world, the stories of the valour and sacrifice are unmatched. Whereas there are J&K Police and other military forces in the country that are equally responsible for maintaining the peace and freedom that we all so cherish. While the Army is tasked with fighting the enemy in case of a war, the J&K Police the Paramilitary and Central Police Forces are tasked with various duties like maintaining law and orders, border guarding, airport and industrial security, maintaining peace during internal conflicts. The use of combat uniform by people in Jammu & Kashmir, despite a ban on its sale and purchase by civilians in the state, is a shameful act which needs stricter imposition of the ban to avoid the misuse of the uniform. Pertinently, all traders and shopkeepers interested in selling Army uniforms may approach the local military authority and request for shops in units/cantonments approved areas/shops. Whereas It is illegal to sell Army uniforms to unauthorized persons. The guidelines have been issued in public interest and to prevent terror attacks. Police and Civil administration should also be asked to check and a crackdown on defaulters.


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