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MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 12/7/2017 8:33:28 AM

To climb the stairs you do need the effort to do so! Do you have it in you!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH Jammu, Dec 6 The people of Jammu and Kashmir are not climbing the stairs but are on an escalator. By now many have realized that an average age is sixty years and max say about eighty (courtesy the obituaries that are furnished in newspapers every now and then). In no way I am saying that we are pessimistic. Today for example we are handling technology, that is fine but technology changes every now and then in fact after every second. But the handlers of technology have to be people (since technology sells just because some people are used to selling brains). Now the buzzword is ‘Bullet train in fact an old concept in any case (when our modern day politicians would not have been born) and I heard about it and saw a movie too in seventies (I mean in the last century, again the century necessarily mean that Viraat Kohli would score a century again and again). and to admit the name of the movie, I will certainly disclose, ‘The Bullet Train Shinkansen Daibakuha, "Shinkansen Big Explosion) is a 1975 Japanese disaster film directed by Junya Sato and starring Ken Takakura, Sonny Chiba, and Ken Utsui. When a Shinkansen ("bullet train") is threatened with a bomb that will explode automatically if it slows below 80 km/h unless a ransom is paid, police race to find the bombers and to learn how to defuse the bomb.’ By the way it was a disaster film. It was copied but the train was not there and in it was starring at that time every girl’s favorite Keanu Reeves ‘Speed’ the plot was same but this was on a bus. I am sure everyone enjoyed it since at times we try to live in cinematic world. We try to become what we are not.
Do not promise a moon when you cannot even deliver a handful of mud. Our modern day politicians do that and many leaders in Jammu and Kashmir and the center (I won’t name) are standing examples of that. Many leaders have come and gone. The present cannot be linked with the past and the present cannot be linked with the future. Trust me politics is going to be obsolete in future. Mark my words and begin with the old saying, ‘politics is a genre which only the fifth leg of democracy take to since it is their sustenance they think that matters’. In Jammu and Kashmir with tongue in cheek I would say that has happened for the last eighty years!
It’s a nice thing that everyone thinks of the future and the leaders are just one amongst us. Two days back I could see an officer (also called as Jenab) pulling a circumvent barbed wire along with a corporal. It was really funny. This directly says, ‘even the uniform is defunct for the politicians’. If that be the case then it is better to let the people live as they are. Why Govern?
Gone are those days when people used to work, get the food grains cultivated in their lands and live a life that they could. A few schools here or there did matter but now they are everywhere. The parents do their best to educate them and get to a level they can compete. Good thing though (the education department is good but the problem is that the men boss over the ladies’. This is not what technology teaches. A principal has the right to wish a kid who is a teacher but not add her to his face book account’. If the education department is running on Principal’s fantasies the being a professor of Physics he has to teach’. They have to know their subject and at least teach a class! In any case Education Department as per the modern day technology is defunct! Sorry but it is the truth! See you tomorrow and leaders keep smiling but blare your vocal chords! See you till I have seen you again! But tomorrow I will be back certainly but with a story that will make you smile and even the Chief Minister!


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