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Ill-maintained JMC’s passenger sheds irking the users’

Vikas Sharma. Dated: 12/6/2017 8:19:48 AM

Passenger avoiding to use this facility

Vikas Sharma
Jammu, Dec 5
After spending crores rupees of public money, the officials of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) constructed many passenger sheds for the public and passengers at many locations, but it is very unfortunate that most of these passenger sheds failed to solve the main motive behind their construction and instead of being used by the passengers and passers by these are being used by the people who are running their business nearby these sheds.
This could be seen at most of the passenger sheds that instead of being used by the passengers these are used by the people for various other purposes as the result the passengers avoid to remain stranded outside these passenger sheds.
This is the situation prevailing at the JMC’s passenger shed in Jewel area, where despite of the heavy rush of the passengers, none used to enter into these passenger sheds and it is always used by idle people or traders who runs their business in the vicinity of these sheds.
“While to fulfill the need of passengers, who were forced to stranded here and there to get the mini-bus as per to reach out their destination, but due to non-maintaince of these passenger sheds by the JMC, we have to remain stranded outside these sheds,” said Surinder Singh Jamwal, a passenger from Jewel area.
“Mere the construction of these sheds is not enough, but to maintain them is also very important. By placing useless things inside these passenger shed is not good for the people. It is the duty of JMC officials to take care about the better use of these passenger sheds, so that the main motive behind their construction should be fulfilled and we can use it to save ourselves from the rains and can also get the mini-buses to reach out our desired destinations,” Jamwal further asserted.


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