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Present is always good but the future!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 12/6/2017 8:11:42 AM

Wake to the realities they are really running us drown the drain!

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Dec 5
I was today peeping into a child (my next door neighbors of ours). I have a tendency to get up early and watch the things we all have learnt from the past. Very few you will find the children who follow the dictates of the parents. She was wearing socks and was finding it difficult to see which was fitting into the feet.
She was wearing the right into the left. Suddenly I saw the mother entering and it was all visible to me. I saw that the kid was ready and ready for her school. Suddenly again I remembered that I had always been a late comer. I had learnt a lesson. Never be late. Be before the time. I had learnt a lesson from a child at some great age. I am sure that the child was thinking about the future in present times. She could have been easily been punished by her mother from her mother but at times sanity does matter. It was her exam day nevertheless!
I have given you some thing that is a food for thought.
I was drooped up all the night and my child had an exam of history. She woke me up at three in the morning (I thought my wife was cajoling me to get up). I was in a deep sleep but when I heard my child ‘Papa get up and I am not understanding a chapter). On hearing a familiar voice (of course not of my wife) I got up to see the pretty face of my daughter) She was smiling. I as a journalist had a story in mind. By the way I did teach her a lesson of the past but she wanted to learn the present!
Exam time is difficult for each and every one of us who are living in past but not thinking about the future. But I was woken up by reality and that was I was living in present. She asked me a simple question, ‘who was Dara Shikoh’s father’ I smiled and then answered, ‘ It is wrong that Aurangzeb was a son of Shah Jehan buy one man who was son was of Mumtaz Mahal had been some one called as Dara Shikoh’.
Many Kashmiris must not be knowing as to what history they belong to and also believing in the fact that all came from Mughals! Wrong idea! Read slave dynasty in India and get the truth!
In the past many mistakes have been committed and today also many are being, agreed that mistakes will be done even if tomorrow arises (hopefully for some) then we have to learn lessons we have to take and deliver to the generations that are coming up! Good lessons taught are what we are going to tell our children in future. We are not immortals and drill this fact into the minds of your children so that they do not get into oblivion! Life has to continue but one cannot escape the fact that something called as reality also exists! Think over it and I will be back tomorrow!


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