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It had to end somewhere!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 12/5/2017 10:41:07 AM

The Separatists are sliding down the great slopes of Kashmir!

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Dec 4
No one lives for ever everyone and each one of us know this fact. If you are born then the natural to the journey is death. But getting killed at an age when it is time to live then it is all the way extreme foolishness.
If in North East people could realize it and get away from the gun then Kashmiris too can. Kashmir has many good ambassadors. The kid who acted in a movie called as Dangal is a perfect example of that. Two G’s used in a same sentence are a game or a gun, which one you prefer. A Kashmiri would prefer a game on a field! Kashmiris are natural sportsmen and the women too want to be several leagues ahead but the problem was that the privileged lot living in massive enclaves at choicest locations in Kashmir. The big names are on the Radar of NIA but there are businessmen too and could be possible that many from journalist fraternity. The same scale matters for Jammu too. Here also people are there who have survived and thrived on big money which went useless.
The privileged commodity in Kashmir thought that they could rule the roost in Kashmir. This commodity was supplied at regular intervals by a monster called as Pakistan. I would use here two words again the same sentence, ‘honey, money can lead you to a sure fire disaster’. That is what exactly happened. Pakistan is a great glib talker but in practicality it is nothing. A land mass being ruled by rogues only for a few dollars more!
The privileged lot began their story right after the independence. The volatile Qaid knew that he had made a mistake and preferred India to the country he himself created. Liaquat could not have lived beyond his age and thus far no one has. The Generals, Tariq (the plunderer) , Ayub ( the man who specialized in a double game), Yahya ( a fat general with no scruples), Zia-ul-Haq (the one eyed hawk), Mirza Afzal Beg ( A silent but dangerous fence sitter), Pervez Musharraf (The man had ideas but behind his spectacles was all lies and nothing else). There were many others too. Hamid Gul. The man thought that he was the person who could wholesomely take care of Kashmir. I believe he is on the bed and perhaps thinking as to why I did it. If this notoriety is to be put in a book then trust me it would be a sure fire thriller.
Kashmiris love music but the privileged lot loved the music of a rattle snake (guns and bullets) Pakistan had supplied the same in plenty. But no one dare confront the Indian army on its own soil. The democratic way the Down Town Kashmiris thought was to throw stones. A similar tactics was tried by the Palestinians. What happened! A similar thought prevailed through Gaddafi’s mind, what happened? Ireland was quoted many a times, what happened? All sorts of example like Taliban were said, what happened? Osama Bin Laden, what happened? Zawhari, what happened? Hafeez Saeed, sorry he is man who was never true to Kashmiris and I am sure something is going to happen with him. Oh! I forgot Azhar Masood! He too would be finished commodity soon!
When a wall called as India is behind the backs of Kashmiris the why should the privileged men get on top of their psyches. The Separatists need a whip on their back and the best way is Kashmiris deliver it but in a purposeful manner! Sorry I went a bit berserk today but this is a reality. So see you till I see you again! Tomorrow could be another day!


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