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Shadows should be in front of us! If the lurk behind then you are in trouble!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 12/4/2017 10:52:33 AM

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Dec 3
"Some are more open than others. Some are more driven and understanding about where they are heading. Others are just having a great time playing the life’s game they love without really knowing the extent of what they can and can't do at this stage, and they are the are foolish and do not know as to what would happen in the foreseeable future"
Through this piece which I keep writing day after day I try and communicate as much as possible! I believe one has to remember the culture and traditions of Jammu. Fifty five years back when I grew up as a kid in the streets of Ragunath Bazaar I was different. Though aggressive in nature but still trying to see as to what was happening where. I could feel that the people were down to earth and there was no monetary blasphemy around but fifty years ahead I found that it was all monetary and materialism that had taken over a simplistic place like Jammu. So the conclusion is that when money talks we walk the talk! Remember those of my age ‘You took it on board: right, okay, that is how when I get that opportunity to be able do that - you bring on young kids, you nurture them through difficult situations, you stand up for them, fight for them. But that culture has vanished and we are in the zone of no man’s land. It is startling to see as to how we behave with each other. We don’t trust our own people and thus we go for the people from outside the state. It’s a grand big bad idea. One cannot do that.
We are losing everything today very well knowing that tomorrow is not far away. For many it comes and for many it does not and that is reality. If we all get together we can still get Jammu together. At this moment we are just flailing our hands all over the place, running from pillar to post to make sure that we do not have a sleepless night. Just think it over since tomorrow is not far away!


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