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MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 12/2/2017 11:02:52 AM

Jammu today! Are we comfortable, ask yourself?

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Dec 1
At the moment we are all enjoying ourselves (I mean the people of Jammu but tomorrow could be very different. I am not talking in context of the fact that the name Jammu does not exist on the map but the fact is that the name is dwindling because we are allowing something’s to happen which should not be the case. But any how it is a pity that we are only thinking of today. Needless to mention it is not a great idea.
I have mentioned it many a times before that things will not remain the same and the demographics here have changed rapidly. The situation will get worsened if we do not check it now. We will not find a space to walk tomorrow as our identitiy comes crumbling down. We know that it is happening but we are not realize the fact as to what is in store for us. While writing this piece now, I can assure you that what I can perceive is that the future will not be at all bright in the bear future.
The men and women coming in are most welcome but they have come with a purpose. A serpent too takes its own time to raise its fangs and when it bites the result has to be a deadly one. We the people of Jammu have to be cautious at this very moment lest we get lost in wilderness. Wilderness is an environment where living is dangerous. The danger is not from our own people but from the outsiders who are pouring in from other states. They have set up their own living centers and most of the business where they stay has been captivated by them. They have penetrated the old city and the flood is only rising. They will not drown for sure but Jammu as an identity will. Trust me it will.
Rhe Government should have a policy. These people are basically ruining the economic infrastructure of Jammu and we are simply not bothered. This lackadaisical approach is taking us to an abyss where one day we will not be able to decide as whether to jump or wheel back. The latter would be a difficult option anyhow.
Yes they pay and live. Nice idea. It is more nicer when money flows into well made houses in posh colonies in Jammu. Their students are studying (its very good), some have got enrolled in Government schools too (another fabulous idea) but the bad one is that for a few bucks more the smaller private schools are enrolling them, still worst the Government schools are enrolling them to make sure that the school strength is intact. This is a bit laughable, rather a slur on our education system. If we cannot properly educate our own children how the hell we be able to teach the kids from outside? In any case Government education in Jammu is a bit of a joke. Neither here nor there and in the middle of nowhere! Signing off for today but definitely tomorrow we are meeting!


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