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THE SEDUCTION! If you have a family then look into tomorrow which is full of uncertainties?

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 10/9/2017 10:39:09 AM

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH Jammu, Oct 8 Yesterday I found two men on bike quarrelling with each other right at the railway station. The reason was that they were selling Kathiar (based what we call here as samosas even Mcain has produced a thing like that and by the way it is tasteless). The men on bike told them that just route away or you are in trouble. The man (a young boy was telling we too have a stomach). The boys from Jammu said in a sarcastic tone, ‘Is it only that Uttar Pradesh and Bihar that have stomachs. We the Dogras do not have it?’ The man from Bihar was clueless. Bad idea was that the man from Bihar was slapped and his eatables were thrown away by the boys on the two wheelers’. My friend told me let us get away and have our dinner. These idiots are no way runners. Someetimes here and sometimes there’ The planet earth belongs to everyone and we cannot reason it out as to what is the real reason. The planet belongs to all the living beings the Gods created. All was well for the planet when life began on earth but as evolution began moving forward the troubles began creeping in. Eras after eras were gobbled up by time and now we are living in what is called as modernized world on the wheels of technology. We want things as per are thinking. We want departments to work according to our will, we want that circumstance to be under our control without realizing that we are mere puppets in the hands of circumstances. We the people of Jammu are living in a state of trance, in a wonderland of Rip Van Winkle (a satire basically). It’s a hyperbole but I would try to use it, ‘the people of Jammu are patience but the life cannot be slept in a reverie. Lying on the couch you can make anyone work every time. Its nice to be nice but not so that the others start eating an old wood as a termite.
Now coming to the point! The GDP of India is in shambles. Gods will not help! We all know that. The government for the poor can only speak and do precious otherwise. Yes we need to spend on defense and we are doing that for a good cause, we are countering our potential enemies (China and Pakistan), our endeavor is to become a Super Power in Geo politics ( nice thing), Kashmir insurgency has been subdued to a larger extent (the moves were nice and Pakistan had no answers). Defense is all fine, well being of the country is also very good. Bringing up the poor is also gratifying but what is not is a commoner in Jammu?
Where is he heading to? Vridh Ashram Jammu has plenty of stories to tell regarding that. In the wheel of materialism we have lost everything, our class, our stature, our art of living, our traditions and our heritage. Most of us have learnt the languages on the idiot box, most of us have worked on the designer outfits in what is called as FTV (Fashion Television). But as any one worked on indigenous Jammu fashion’! ‘ Ah! Mom why to waste time would be an immediate answer from the candidate’!
Now coming to another world that Jammu has adopted. The rest had adopted it forty years ago. The fast food culture. MSG (Mega Sodium Gulcumate) was an issue which basically became something that seemed to be terrible. It became such an issue that the people of Jammu thought that their place would collapse. If we are in the world of rumor mongering then we better quit since more things are arriving. Just wait and see! Do not fall into pot hole. Just keep moving and make sure Jammu remains what it was and research what it can be! Signing off today on the day since I will rush home as I can fore see that my wife would be rushing to the fourth floor for having a look at the moon (by the way she is scared of heights and I purposely bought her a flat at the fourth floor). Have a very nice time today ‘I will tell dare tell the husbands to shell of some crisp bills of Rupees two thousand)! I will be back in any case tomorrow!


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