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On the rim of an abyss! Its time to turn back to the flushing meadows which are whispering the lost back!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 8/12/2017 10:22:04 AM

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Aug 11
Kashmiris, understandably have had plenty of bad experiences in the years after independence in general and the last thirty years have been worst in particular.
Struggle for what? Everything to Kashmiris was available on the plate but they were chasing wild goose, the chase which has to end up in futility. Had this being understood by the men under the soil things would have been different. This generation is understanding it figuratively. India is a progressive country and Pakistan is getting into redundancy. Today Kashmiri youngster has understood the same. They want to be progressive and the best way out is strong foundations on which you have to stand, the next is parent support, the third is your commonsense, the fourth is to see as to what others are doing. The fifth is setting an aim and the last is achieving that aim! The separatists had no aim what they knew was I will sum it up. ‘Blame’. Ridiculous they were but Kashmiris were walking on a wrong path. Yes admitted that Kashmir has been a wonderful field for arm twisting politics but the question is why? A youngster studying Political Science in Kashmir would understand it in a proper way. There is no book on Kashmir which I have not read. They have been a mix and match for convenience of the writer. There are several tales, which can move a writer but then when the writer questions himself then the doubts do arise. ‘Some ends are good and some extremely barren. Today after playing into the hands of separatists they are standing at a rim where abyss looks at them and that to ferociously staring. So the best way out to go back thirty years and think as to what went wrong, By the way something did?’
Who suffered? It were the mothers. Though a right idea but let me tell it (though a forlorn one), ‘no mother wants her child dead though the father may be on a different geometric grid, ‘Life will move on but the past mistakes and blunders cannot be fetched back’. No one in Kashmir talks on social media talks positively’. ‘Why?’ I have an answer to this too, ‘Kashmiris always wanted to have an easy life and the easiest way out is garner money any how, this way or that way did not matter. What mattered was money. I also know that many in Jammu preached the same ideology to earn a few bucks more or may be a few dollars more. Instead they were taking for a ride a generation after generations in Kashmir for a ride till the abyss came. Those who found out that they were in the middle of nowhere returned and those who thought that they were on right course have come to the rim. Now there are only two ways out, ‘just take a foot forward or a one back’ If they are scared that Kashmiris will not pardon them then it’s a wrong idea. But some one will not pardon them and that is souls of the dead’. Period for today and see you tomorrow!


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