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Vikas Sharma. Dated: 8/11/2017 11:51:58 AM

Continuing our weekly feature, Talk Show we are here today with state Coordinator, National Democratic Party of India (NDPI) Jaswant Singh Jamwal, who interacts and shared some important facts about their party.
Vikas Sharma
VS: Jaswant ji please tell us our readers about yourself?
JS: I am Jaswant Singh Jamwal, the state coordinator of National Democratic Party of India (NDPI), which was formed by me on Dec 5, 2016.
VS: What was the main motive behind formation of party?
JS: The main motive behind the formation of National Democratic Party of India (NDPI) was to help the people of this state to rescue them from corruption which has been deeply rooted in every department of our state. People of this state are struggling badly due to decades old discrimination by the Kashmir based parties, due to which we are losing high end official posts in every department.
VS: How you are helping the people to get rid from this corruption?
JS: Every political party in our state has discriminated with the people of Jammu on every pretext; every party has their own appeasement policy to discriminate the people of Jammu. We wanted to end these decades’ old policies of every party, so framed our party, so that we can work for the people of Jammu and can provide their equal share in every respect and field. We organize awareness camps in every part of the Jammu and aware the people about our policies, and asked them to join us to make Jammu stronger, so that we can get our due share.
VS: How do you see the working of PDP in Jammu?
JS: The leaders of PDP are well educated as compared to the other leaders, and are well aware about the developmental needs of the people. They are doing good work as per the needs of people, we wanted to wish them good luck.


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