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Forgotten paths! In search of new horizons in a jiffy you are bound to land up nowhere!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 8/11/2017 11:45:24 AM

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Aug 10
What better example can I site than that os Kashmiri youth. They were taken on a joy ride on merry go round by Pakistan and thus they decided to change the pathway in search of new horizons, Pakistan has been a great dream seller for the Kashmiris and ever since independence the leadership in Pakistan (which is actually a puppet in the hands of Pak army ISI and the terror outfits) has been selling dreams to Kashmiris but in actuality they can just do that and nothing much.
I the late eighties, then in nineties and crossing over to the year 2000 the dream salesman is still busy pestering Kashmiris to stay on course and everything would be fine. That is a wrong idea since Kashmir and Kashmiris will go nowhere and would be part of India. Now the ball is in the court of Kashmiris. The Separatists are on a limbo since the thud on their financial resources has put them on back foot and recovering when the foot is back is not easy.
With financial resources diminishing it is obvious that those terror mongers will not be able to survive and therefore militancy will be subdued. By the way Kashmiris also know that their struggle (for what I do not know) is over and out. Yes there are cinders of burnt out wood still in the air but it is a burnt out case.
Those who left fro Pakistan and thought Muzaffarabad was the ultimate destination are leading a miserable life, Pakistan had set up refugee camps in the nineties. Again misery was what those who went across had to face. They all want to come back. They are most welcome but why the hell they took a stupid decision. May be they thought the dream merchant (Pakistan) was correct. Pakistan was never correct. The leadership used Kashmiris as pawns and put them in a hell zone. Separatists thought they would boss over Kashmir (since they called themselves as the only representatives of Kashmir) and make Kashmiris their own. Again it was a forgotten path. Now no separatist is coming with a statement which once they made boisterously! The elaborate press conferences were given wide publicity by Kashmir media and people thought they were right. Now they know that have been befooled. The Kashmiri kids now are far too intelligent and they know the best way out is to hug Indian Nationalism. Wish that they could have understood this fact thirty years ago. If that had happened Kashmir would have been right at the top of the deck!


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