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Review social welfare measures

Young Bites. Dated: 8/10/2017 1:28:34 PM

The Department of Social Welfare has failed to maintain a transparent working system, so far as the data concerning the beneficiaries under various schemes/ programs is concerned. The said Department is yet without its official website, as such keeping the public in dark. This could lead to the distortion of the facts by the officials and encourage them to embezzle public money. Without official data and facts, the door for litigation is closed forever. It is submitted that it is a gross violation of people’s right to information and also other rights connected with it guaranteed under Indian constitution. Study survey revealed that there is no rehabilitation program for double orphans or for single orphans who have no or meager economic resources, after leaving the institution/orphanage. Further, only those orphans, who are already studying or, want to continue their studies, can be admitted into the Government institutions/ orphanages. It is submitted that, orphan children who are engaged in child labor and, orphans who don’t want to continue their studies, are not eligible for admission to such institutions. There is no law or program for catering the needs of such children. It is submitted that the State, by not bridging such a huge legal gap in such cases, is rather encouraging child labor. The fact which came to light is that orphan hood is one of the reason contributing to child labor. Majority of the respondents (parents and relatives of disappeared persons) on being asked whether they have applied for compensation, replied in affirmative, with few replying that they don’t want to apply for and receive compensation for the losses they suffered. It appears from the analysis of the various provisions of the laws that the legal framework concerning the rehabilitation of victims of conflict is inadequate. The government should take strong and positive initiative both at national and state level to develop effective reparation programs. In the State of Jammu and Kashmir, the old and out dated administrative schemes and social welfare measures need to be reviewed and revised. Solid rehabilitation programs should be framed keeping in view the increasing numbers of victims because of conflict situation in this state. Study also revealed that implementation of the existing laws and social welfare legislations are non-satisfactory and insufficient. It is submitted that the simple procedural laws in this direction are also required to be framed so that the social welfare legislations can be implemented without any hurdle. The hypothesis thus postulated could not be nullified and it appears that the provisions of the law and the implementation thereof relating to the victims of conflict in the Kashmir Division are apparently inadequate. Monitoring mechanism should be strengthened at various levels to achieve the objectives of the department. The Government must allocate adequate resources to relevant departments; the reimbursement of such amount should be made available in a transparent manner through websites pertaining to each and every concerned department. Government is not fulfilling its duties properly and only meager amount is paid under various schemes/programs which had been framed much earlier. Government must revise such amount/allowance keeping in view the minimum demands of present time. In order to accelerate the pace of welfare of victims, the legislation needs to be examined with a view to removing their lacuna. Their implementation in letter and spirit is also imperative to give justice to victims affected by conflict. Employment training and related services for orphans and other vulnerable children who are of legal working age should be provided.


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