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The assassins on the prowl!

MAJOR KULBIR SINGH. Dated: 8/10/2017 1:13:55 PM

In future their bullets will land nowhere!

Major Kulbir Singh
Jammu, Aug 9
People always support a right cause but as the passage of time moves on the people also realize the fact the cause for which they are giving up their lives is a futile one. The assassins live a short life but those who have used the people live. The Kashmiris have to understand as to why their children are getting far away, (once upon a time they were on the boom) and they were following a straight line (straight lines are always not straight since they are interrupted by parallels and transversals. The angles are well confirmed and every writer knows it. There is no idea to blaze your voice on television ( since the people are fake and so are the men who speak what is not the truth). Kashmir would have been a better place and the best possible destination as far as tourism goes but assassins destroyed it. The assassins who lie in graves and cannot do much more but sleep. The best place in the world was destroyed for a Gulliver travel story since Kashmiris decided to land up in land of Lilliputians. Jonathan Swift knew what he was writing any how!
Wheel forward now into the 21st century. Kashmiris are where and doing well. Everyone has the right to live a life and life for unknown kid is given a name. It could be any and the mother is the best possible object to teach or preach. The reason is that she has gone through many a precedence’s as ages pass by (I told you earlier). The child will never listen to her mother (A Kashmiri child will definitely not) but father he knows since father gets the bread home it could be anything, (Palak Ghosht with Lavasa or Rista with Tumul (rice) or Goshtaba with Lavas). What I want to convey is that it is good to relay the soil. Separatism will not land up Kashmiris any where. They are free people and the free people love things that have to be loved. Why cry when you know the fault is your own!
Kashmir is the best tourist destination, why make it the worst? Now the people have to get up and realize this fact. Yes Kashmiris have abundant of qualities which indeed are humane. Their nature is on the spot, the hospitality factor I need not elaborate, the friendship that cannot be forgotten, the knowledge is in depth, the qualities extremely supreme, the looks are the best, the beauty of nature is woven by the Gods. Ah! The mankind has created some specialties too (the beautiful gardens). All the Kashmiris know this fact but still they refrain from believing in realities. We have come to the planet Earth to make a place special and not for destroying it. Kashmir was, is and will remain special. All the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh should join hands to make Kashmir a very- very special place. No one is that absurd to destroy calmness! Period for today!


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