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Vikas Sharma. Dated: 5/19/2017 11:12:34 AM

Continuing our bi-weekly topic, Talk-Show, we are here today with Sunita Thusoo, she is an educationalist and is looking after 7 Seas International Education centre in Jammu. She shared more details about this premier institution with the Young Bites. VIKAS SHARMA VS: Mam, may we have a brief introduction about this institute? ST: 7 Seas International Education is an educational/ counselling institute headquartered in New Delhi with its branch offices in Jammu and Kashmir. It was established in June 2008 with a view to provide excellent educational services to students directly and indirectly to help them excel in their educational as well as professional endeavours. Our major goal is to give best possible services to Students. VS: According to you, what is the education? ST: In my words, the education is the combination of that art and s c i e n c e which enables you learn and i m p l e - ment the k n o w l - edge in such a manner that you succeed in your life with enjoyment. To be focused to accomplish your Goals you need to know the actual meaning of Education and if you want to eat good fruits you need to have strong roots. VS: What is the reason behind rising unemployment? ST: There are various reasons behind the rising unemployment in our state, but the main reasons are that the today’s generation students are most never plan for future, follow the crowd, Jump into any career, lack of motivation and live in f an t a sy w o r l d and in this regard, to ove rcome this situation we help the students to stay focused to accomplish your goal. VS: At 7 Seas, what is your main focus for the better future of students? ST: We at 7 SEAS believe in broadening students' perspectives and career aspirations by educating them about the right opportunities in the world of education and job market. There are certain steps to follow for being focused towards your goal.YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE, dreams are not those which you see while sleeping, dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. Analyze your efforts and improve them. VS: What is your message for the youth? ST: In my massage to the students I want to convey them to follow the below mentioned lines to achieve success in their career. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” “We will never be able to run if we don’t learn how to walk” “Nothing is impossible in this world; it’s only the man that is not determined” “Stay Focused and stay Inspired”


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