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Young Bites. Dated: 5/18/2017 10:57:31 AM

The core purpose of every business or project is to generate profit but this is not the only objective. When you do business or start any project then a large number of people get attached to it and depends on it either directly or indirectly. The word stakeholder is used for all those people who have any relation with our project. They include government, customers, consumers, suppliers, distributors etc. Apart from generating profit, it is also your responsibility to take care of these stakeholders as your any wrong decision can affect their lives. Previously, organizations used to adopt every mean to generate profit without thinking the adverse effect of the process or strategies they use on their surrounding environment and people living their but now a days, it has become mandatory for every organization to fulfil their corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is a very common term and it indicates your duties being a citizen of the society. The country or region you live in gives you opportunity to start your project and complete it successfully. It also provides you raw material, suppliers, distributors etc for making your products. You earn huge amount of money through your projects so it is your ethical responsibility to return back something to your society. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility is necessary for every business either it is a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. As we are talking about project management so we will discuss corporate social responsibilities with respect to project management. Following are some of the corporate social responsibilities which you need to fulfil while working on any project. One of the primary purposes of society is the formation of an organized group of individuals, who can support each other in various ways. It is in those difficult times that you realize the importance of being a part of society. It is the members of your social group who come forward to render all the help you need. The support given by society can be of the physical, emotional, financial or medical form. A society is characterized by social networks. They form an integral part of society. Social networks are defined as the maps of relationships between people. Relationships give rise to social interactions between people of a society. Their interactions give rise to strong social bonds that result in long-lasting relationships. A society gives rise to a family system and an organization of relationships, which form the heart of any social group. As culture and creativity become an increasing driving force in the international marketplace, it is essential to measure their impact not only on the economy but also on society at large. Public health and educational facilities, the public transport system and the infrastructure that enables us satisfy our basic needs form an important part of society. The government or any form of a central governing authority regulates a society. It helps in the management of the natural and human resources that belong to the society and regulates the distribution of public facilities to the individuals of society. Thus, a society gives you a central regulating authority to look up to.


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