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YoungBites. Dated: 5/10/2017 11:07:41 AM


Mate is a friend as Aussies will always address you in the same lingo (language). Check and mate is term in the game of chess which is played on 64 squares and thirty two pieces. Its not an easy game since it is all about beating the other. You have to make sure that your adversaries king is check and mated. That is all about the game is but when you use this phrase in common writing then the derivatives are huge. You may or may not be playing chess but as the day moves along where you will find friends and adversaries too. Everyone you meet will try to out do the other. How you deal and with whom you deal is all about what brain is working. For example he is trying to make you smile, you too will respond. If you take the smile for granted the beware he will checkmate you. If you do not then be rest assured you will checkmate him.
Checkmate (14th c.) comes via Old French eschec mat from Persian shah mat ‘the king is left helpless’ ... From the very specific chess sense there developed more general applications such as ‘attack’, ‘arrest’, ‘stop’, ‘restrict’, and ‘verify’. Among these in the 18th century was ‘token used as a counterfoil for verifying something, such as an amount’. As check this survives mainly in American English (as in ‘hat-check’)
Check as in ‘pattern of squares’ (14th c.) is probably short for chequer, which in turn is a reduced form of exchequer, a word derived ultimately from Latin scaccus. Interestingly, that became "scacco matto" in Italian... although matto means mad in Italian!


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