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YoungBites. Dated: 5/8/2017 2:40:50 PM

Govt is committed to send back Bangladeshies and Burmese from J&K

The issue of Bangladeshies and Burmese is a very serious issue and the government is working to solve this issue earliest. This was stated by the Speaker and MLA Gandhi Nagar constituency Kavinder Gupta. He was interacting with the
Young Bites.

Vijay Gupta
VG: What is government stand to send back Bangladeshis and Burmese, staying illegally in Jammu?
KG: The stand of our government in the state as well as the centre is very clear over this issue and we are trying our best to send back these 13, 697 families to their native places. They are Rohingya Muslims from Burma and are settled here due to the differences with Buddhist population in their own country."
These refugees are living in different areas of the Jammu city, a predominately Hindu majority area and are settled there for more than six years now. Over 1,200 Burmese refugee families comprising nearly 6,000 people are settled in some of the congested areas of Jammu city including Narwal.
These Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims who are living illegally here should be dealt sternly. Those who are living illegally shall be dealt as per the law.
It is a very serious matter and we are trying to solve this issue as they are living without permission and could be a threat to the security of the state.
VG: Some of them has got work permit from the government, is this true?
KG: Yes, this is true that some this person has got work permits issued by the government with the help of some mischievous persons. The Rohingya Muslims started coming to Jammu region over six years back and "over a period of time their number has increased". "They are mostly doing odd-jobs and are rag-pickers and even do begging to eke out a living.
But most unfortunate thing is that they have got given the work permits by the government, as many of the Bangladeshi nationals are living illegally and there are many who are overstaying the period for which they have been permitted against valid travel documents adding there "were others who have entered illegally by crossing the border.
VG: Talking about the developmental works, the bridge on Miran-sahib road is still incomplete from past many years. When this bridge will get be constructed?
KG: It is true that a bridge on Miran-sahib road is under construction from past many years, as it was started during the rule of previous government. Now, when PDP-BJP government is in the state and we are committed for the overall development of this state, so I want to assure you that the work over this bridge is in full swing and we are hopeful that the construction shall be completed within three months time.
So this was all that the Speaker and MLA Gandhi Nagar, Kavider Gupta has to say about the development activities taken by their government in the state.


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