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YoungBites. Dated: 5/4/2017 7:49:27 AM

To make Gandhi Nagar a modern constituency is my dream: Kavinder Gupta

Beautification of Gandhi Nagar is the need of hour and I am trying my best to make this constituency a modern one, said Speaker and MLA Gandhi Nagar constituency Kavinder Gupta. He was interacting with the Young Bites. VIJAY GUPTA VG: Gandhi Nagar constituency still sans basic facilities. why? KG: The Gandhi Nagar constituency is a big constituency but still sans all the basic facilities and reason are the leaders of previous government, who never bothered about to develop this constituency and indulged only in corruption and failed to fulfill the expectations of people, who voted in his favor. Day one after electing as the MLA of this constituency, I started many development works, which were pending from past many years. VG: Now as being the MLA of this constituency, what is your vision? KG: Our main thrust would be to make this constituency a model constituency, in this regard many road projects has been initiated, nearly 14, 000 poles has been installed and damaged PHE tube bells has been repaired, so that the people who had voted for us could get basic facilities at their door steps. Meanwhile, Rs 42 cr has been spending on the construction of new roads, which were in worst condition. This is a big constituency and better roads are very important for connecting the entire constituency. VG: Beautification of the main rotaries, who is responsible to maintain them? KG: To maintain the rotaries and their beautification is the job of JMC and they are doing their job in better way, but still some rotaries are not well maintained. Meanwhile, it is also the duty of people to keep these rotaries neat and clean. We have asked the JMC officials to aware the people for maintainance of these rotaries and keeping them neat and clean. So that the people who want to devote their leisure time, should get better environment. VG: Sumner season is on its peak, there are numerous complaints about the burning of transformers in your constituency, is there any plan to tackle this situation? KG:It is true that the summer season is on its peak and there are numerous complaints about the burning of transformers daily, due to overheating. We have fully geared up our men and machinery to resolve such complaints. In this regard we have asked the PDD department to arrange some extra transformers, so that the damaged transformers should be replaced in the shortest time and people could get some respite from peak summer conditions. VG: Drug addiction is a serious issue, what is your take over this menace? KG: Drug Addiction is a serious evil impacting our society and cannot be tackled separately. To end this menace we need to do all round development of youth. Meanwhile, this is a big challenge for us to end this menace for the society. It is not only our duty, but also it is the duty of parents to keep a close eye over their children, motivate them towards other hobbies or sports, so that they can devote their more time in those games and get rid of these things, which are dangerous not only for their health but also are putting a bad impact on the other kids in the society.


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