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FACE TO FACE WITH DIG / Safe and hassle free movement of employees, official records is our prime duty: DIG Ashquoor Wani

YoungBites. Dated: 5/1/2017 12:44:04 AM

Amid prevailing security scenario in Jammu and Kashmir, we are trying our best to put everything in place for the smooth movement of vehicles, meant for Darbar Move from the Jammu to Srinagar, says DIG Jammu-Kathua Range Ashquoor Wani.
He was exclusively interacting with the Young Bites. VIJAY GUPTA JAMMU, APR 30 VG: Situation in valley in not good for the Durbar Move, how are you prepared? AW: Yes, it is true that the situation in Kashmir valley is not good, especially for the smooth passage for the vehicles meant for the Durbar Move, but it is our duty and in this regard we have called for synergized mechanism to ensure safe and hassle free movement of employees as also the official records. We particularly stressed the need for regulation of traffic along the High Way and the twin cities. For this, there is regular monitoring by seniors of the Police. Meanwhile, we have stressed the need for area domination,
especially along Srinagar Jammu National Highway for the security of Srinagar based employees moving from Jammu and the Jammu based employees would move towards the summer capital later. VG: Drug addiction is a serious issue, what is your take? AW: Yes, it is true that the Jammu region is facing a major menace of drug abuse and police in the past has busted various such rackets. However, we know that more needs have to be done to fully eliminate the drug menace from the region. I have told my subordinates to make a list of the people who have been arrested in connection with drug trade and then investigate and find out the entire chain, we want to bust the people who are at the top of the chain to the people who work as conduits, all have to be booked to break this nefarious trade. VG: Despite your efforts, drug addiction is still a menace, what is your take? AW: Really, drug addiction is still a serious menace and is putting a bad impact on the younger generation. It is not only the Jammu but other adjoining states are also badly affected due to this menace. Police is performing well to put a complete end of this menace and in this regard registered more than double cases in the current year as compared to the previous year. But, it is not only the responsibility of police to end this menace from the society, while, it is also the responsibility of people as well as the parents to inform police about such cases, so that the timely action could be taken against the persons, who are trying to push more and more youth into this trade. VG: What measures you have taken to control the corruption in Police? AW: I did not rule out about the presence of corruption in the traffic police department, the people who violate traffic rules were the ones who were fueling the menace of corruption. I don't completely deny it (charges of corruption in the department) and not fully endorse it, but the people who break traffic rules are the one who encourage such practice and people need to follow the traffic rules strictly. VG: What is your message to your men? AW: As being a senior officer, I never remain behind them, during the time of serve. I only demanded that they serve the people some better and I want to assure them that the police is to here to serve them by maintaining and keeping the crime rate a zero level. Meanwhile, it is our duty to end or control the crime from society, so that the people can live and enjoy their life in a peaceful and better atmosphere. So this was what all that the DIG Akshoor Wani had to say about this department. He is a man of knowledge and his political acumen is very acknowledgeable. Next time we will be here with the same another personality/celebrity discussing about the people and their problems. So till we meet again see you till I see you again. Signing off for now!


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