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Tej Sapru: By looks he never looked a villain!

Tej Sapru is a Bollywood and television actor. He is the son of D. K. Sapru and Hemvati who were actor and actress in Hindi film industry. His sister Priti Sapru and Reema Rakesh Nath are also actresses of Hindi and Punjabi film industry. Some of Tej’s films are Gupt: The Hidden Truth, Mohra, Sirf Tum and Saajan. He has acted in 197 films so far. He is famous for his role in the television miniseries Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli and The Zee Horror Show. Sapru has acted in 194 films. Some of them are Asambhav, Mazaa Mazaa, Faraar, Ghost, Fauj Mein Mauj, Apni Yaari Jaan Se Pyaari and upcoming movie Nidar-The Fearless which is scheduled to release in the year 2015. In 1979, Bollywood released a film titled Surakshaa, which was Tej Sapru’s debut film. He played a role of an agent going by the name of agent Jackson and his outstanding acting earned him a place in the Bollywood film industry. Two years after, Tej featured in another film, Laaparwaah which was followed by several other films. However, the year 1994 came with dozens of miracles for Tej. That year, Tej was featured in the second highest grossing Indian film titled Mohra. The film which has a politically based plot and had famous names like director Rajiv Rai and actor Akshay Kumar. Tej went by the name of Irfan in the film. There are about 194 films that Tej has been featured in. Recently in 2013, Tej joined 4 lions film and featured in the Indian soap opera, ‘Qubool Hai’ which aired on Zee TV. He has been working regularly in TV series since then and is currently a part of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Tej Sapru’s family lived in Parel, then in Juhu Tara road and later in Bandra. Tej is the son of a famous Bollywood actor D.K Sapru. His mother, Hemvathi Sapru, is also well known for the actress roles she has played in various Bollywood films. He has two sisters, Priti Sapru and Reiema Rakesh Nath who are also actresses of Hindi and Punjabi film industry. Tej’s family house is said to have been always full of guests who Tej’s father was fond of inviting. In the year 1991, Tej Sapru decided to settle down in terms of his private life. He got married to Dhanalakshmi Sapru, a caring housewife who has been supporting her husband for the last 25 years. In interviews, Tej Sapru has confessed that his wife is the source of his inspiration and strength. Tej and his wife have a daughter, Akanksha Nath. There was also a reported case of a thief who stole jewellery worth Rs. 93,000 from Sapru’s house. The thief was however arrested.


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