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Once upon a time in J&K

YoungBites. Dated: 4/21/2017 11:16:15 AM

Nadiyaar in Rainawari Srinagar-I

On right side of the canal lies a Tall and shady Chinar of DAV school Rainawari .You can see the old Naidyar bridge over the Canal. This canal connects Dal Lake with Nigeen Lake .There used to be lot of water transport on this canal. Tourists in Shikaras going to Nigeen Lake from Dal Lake or Vice versa and children bathing in canal waters smiling and crying at Foreign Tourists” Meemi salaam pataa pataa Ghulam”. V S NAIPAUL passed through this area in a shikara . This area is clearly mentioned in his Book “ An Area Of Darkness “
“Naavid” or “Naaid”. There are several words in contemporary Kashmiri speech that exist in more than one form. One such word is “Naavid”. It is derived from Sanskrit “Naapita”, meaning “barber”, (medial ‘p changing to ‘v’, as happens typically in Prakrit). It also occurs in the form of “Naayid”. The two forms denote two different stages of development from the Sanskrit original, It may be noted that “Naayid”, which represents the later stage, is quite akin to Hindi “Naai”, which is also derived from Skt. “Naapita”. This makes Kashmiri an important subject for study in the Indian linguistic context, as pointed out by Georg Buhler who has also chosen to give “Naavid” and “Naaid” as one of the examples to illustrate his point.” so the name has been derived from word Naavid meaning barber in kashmiri . You would always see Vegetable sellers in Boats, Boats with school going children, boats with weeds brought from Dal lake and Boats with sick brought from Dal area to doctors in Rainawari.
This was a common scene on the canal waters .During daytime, The canal was busy and full of life.On its Bank , we had so many temples and Mosques/ Ziarats. So many Ghaats that were used by people for bathing , Wuzu and Sandhya before these turned filthy , dirty and contaminated . Rations sold to Public under Government PDS was stored in Big Boats ( Locally known as Bahetch ) parked along the banks of the Canals in Rainawari . You could also see some film unit from Bombay shooting a movie in Rainawari Backwaters But such incidents turned rare after seventies of the last century as Shooting locations were shifted to Mughal Gardens , Dal lake , Gulmarg , Aarroo , Sonamarg , Pahalgham and Nigeen lake etc. And sometimes you would see a dead body being carried in a Boat to cremation ground located inside back waters . Sometimes you would see a Doctor sitting in the middle of a roofless Boat being carried to see some serious patient by his relatives .sometimes you would see a boat being used to collect bedding and utensils for some marriage function .Quite often a Doonga would pass by with a group of young men on a picnic . You would also hear chhakri and kashmiri sufiana music being loudly played inside by some folk singers / artists .


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