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Believe it or not

YoungBites. Dated: 4/21/2017 11:01:19 AM

Miracles do happen!

Miracles do happen but not every time. This is a story fro Govt Medical College. A wife (Karuna) bought her son to the hospital right from Jindrah. He had been bitten by a snake (Gunaah from Viperous family) and it had been over five hours since the incident had happened. The boy (Amrail) was put into the emergency ward. The doctors injected anti-venom as per the description of the snake given by Karuna. The seniormost doctor in attendance said, well the chances are less but we will do our best and the last word was, ‘by the way he is still alive’. The poison has spread and the snake as per your description is neruro toxic. Had you been a bit early we would have revived him in not time. Now only a miracle can save him. Karuna was a widow and Amrail was his only son but she did not give up hope. The doctors said that the heart beat was slowing down but he was being seriously looked after. By the way Gunaah is deadly with its poison. The night passed and the doctors were doing their best to revive Amrail. Finally in the morning they gave up hope since pulse rate had fallen and vital organs had been affected. The mother had still not given up. She kept caressing the head of her son. The senior doctor (Amrish) injected the strongest possible anti venom available. It was mid afternoon when Amrail opened up his eyes and saw his mother. I want water he said. The water was made available. After an hour or so he sat on the bed but still was talking in a blurred tone. By evening he said that he wanted to go to bathroom to ease off. His mother took him but the boy was in extreme pain as he pissed off. There was blood there. Amrish by now knew that the chances of survival had improved. Sure enough they had. After three days Amrail was discharged. The mother was thankful to the doctors. She went along with her son to Ranbireshwar temple and prayed to Lord Shiva for helping her out. Amrail today is in army as a soldier but he still remembers the frown and the fear on her mother’s face when he opened his eyes up after two days of the incident!


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