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YoungBites. Dated: 4/21/2017 11:00:49 AM

The third daughter!

We can tell you so many stories about the heartbreaking backgrounds of the girls who take to begging, but we are especially proud to report Hope has graduated them from high school to become big. This girl was found on railway station of Jammu. One man Karan Singh from Bantalab (exact area I will not be able to tell but at that time Bantlab was a forlorn place). Pinky was begging for food. Obviously left to live on her own life since the parents had deserted her. The sun had risen and hope was around the corner. She asked Meenakshi (Karan’s wife) for food. She was mother of two daughters. She stopped and asked her husband to give food to her. Karan took her to the nearest movable food stop (Rehri and instructed the man to give her food). He paid. The little girl Pinky packed it and followed the couple. As the couple were about to enter the car (as their driver had brought it to get them home) she requested Meenakshi (Maa, I have no one at home). The sun was up and brightly shining. Karan snubbed her off but Meenakshi had an instinct. She told the kid to get into the car. Their younger daughter could not speak but as years rolled over Pinky told that Preeti will speak and she did and this is how she did in Meenakshi’s own words!
We are especially proud of Pinky, who has earned a postgraduate degree in nursing and has a special heart for the poor. Other girls work in offices, for the airlines, some have started their own small business such as wedding planning and graphic design. But Pinky did it for Preeti. She made her laugh, she made her play and then she made her speak and finally Preeti brought of her tongue the word ‘A’. Karan was the proudest man. It was late but he knew that her beautiful daughter could speak. The sun was smiling that day too! Karan’s third daughter is Pinky and she has brought all the luck to the house. Karan married her off and when she was leaving the house she handed over a packet to Meenakshi. But before she could do that Meenakshi too handed over a packet. When both of them opened it up when the sun was at its best they were surprised, in Pinky’s packet was written do not forget your Maa. In Meenakshis packet was some money and was written ‘once you gave me food’. The money was above two Lakhs in cash and was also written it is too less but this is all I could collect! Pinky has two children and her parents and sisters love them to the hilt!


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