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Stab Wound

A kind of penetrating trauma, a stab wound occurs by a thrust of the skin. It usually occurs in the form of a knife but any sharp-pointed objects may cause a stab wound. Damage caused by stab wounds are usually deeper rather than wide causing not just external damage but more importantly, internal injuries. Internal injuries caused by a stab wound usually follow the path the weapon took internally. The abdomen is the most common site for stab wounds, where plenty of internal organs are found.
Enrol in First Aid Courses and CPR Training to learn how to manage a stab wound and other potentially dangerous situations.
Signs and Symptoms of Stab Wound
Plenty of individuals who suffer from a stab wound are victims of violence, such as robbery or murder. The following signs and symptoms are common of a stab wound:
Puncture wound that is usually thin and long
Bleeding, usually mild
Pain and swelling around the wound
Numbness of skin around the wound
Organ damage
Infection: redness, swelling or pus discharge
A severe stab wound may present with the following symptoms:
Fatigue or severe weakness
Feeling faint, even actually fainting
Cool extremities due to poor circulation
Pale skin
Hypotension (low blood pressure)


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