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Fragrance Chemist

Fragrance chemists conduct research to develop appealing scents for consumer products that include household products and cosmetics. These scientists often work in research labs of corporations, simulating the consumer experience, creating user-friendly fragrances, and testing the chemical components within the functionality of the products. For example, a fragrance chemist must develop a fragrance for a dryer sheet without diminishing the fabric softening effect of the product. These professionals must follow correct procedures when handling chemicals in order to prevent the risks of any safety or health hazards. Travel may be involved. Fragrance chemists must build a foundation in chemistry with an undergraduate degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related field. Students receive instruction in math, chemistry, biology, and physics. They can expect to take laboratory courses to get hands-on experience conducting experiments. Students may also have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research programs or internships.
Chemists can obtain entry-level positions upon earning their bachelor's degree in chemistry. Relative to other areas such as education, chemists in research and development may find more opportunities for advancement. It is likely that fragrance chemists will have the chance to work on more than one project, not only gaining time management skills, but also learning how to apply their knowledge to different types of products.


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