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Face to Face with Div Com / Government is committed to provide compensation to every DP Family: Div Com

YoungBites. Dated: 4/13/2017 11:16:12 AM

Vijay Gupta

* There are total 36,384 families of all refugees, eligible to get compensation
* Till date 27,000 forms has been issued and just
* 7,500 refugees has submitted their forms with all
formalities There are adequate funds available with the government; we are committed to provide adequate compensation to every displaced family.
* Assured the Divisional Commissioner, Jammu Province, Dr Pawan Kotwal, to refugees. He was interacting with the Young Bites. Here are the experts of his exclusive interaction.
Jammu, Apr 12
VG: The government is providing compensation to the refugees, which refugees are eligible to get the compensation?
Div Com: It is very good news for all the refugees that the centre government has finally decided to provide compensation to every refugees family, in Jammu, we are also trying our best to provide them adequate compensation, so that they can enjoy their life as compared to the other citizens of Jammu as well as the entire country.
We are providing compensation to all refugees including the refugees of 1947, displaced from PoK are in 26,319 numbers, refugees of 1965, displaced from Chambb sector and are in 4,500 number and refugees of 1971, which are 3600 in numbers, there are 36,384 families of refugees, and the government is providing compensation to all these families the funds announced under PM package.
VG: Is there adequate funds available with the government to compensate all these refugees? Div Com: Yes, this is the for the first time that a government is serious to solve the issues of these refugees, who are rendered homeless for the years, but the BJP government is very serious to solve their issue and is providing Rs 5.5 lakh to every displaced family, irrespective of the members of those family.
VG: Most of the refugees are still not aware about the formalities which have been finalized by the government to get the compensation, what are the formalities required to get the compensation?
Div Com: After getting the information about the difficulties being faced by the refugees to submit their formalities, which were fifteen, we reduced them to only eight but most of the refugees failed to submit those formalities, now the government finally has asked the refugees to submit only four documents, Form A, for the refugees who are holding rights over agricultural after proper mutations, Aadhar Cards, the link of adhar card with their Bank accounts, PRC or a ration card.
VG: Despite the fact government has mentioned clearly about all the necessary documents, the refugees are finding it very hard to fulfill the requirements and some agents are misguiding them. What is your take?
Div Com: May be You are right, but it is also true that citing the difficulties being faced by the refugees, the government has simplified the structure of its formalities and finally decided to asked the refugees to fill a form, which is bearing a series and all the formalities are clearly mentioned behind that form. The simplified formalities will minimize the role, which are being played by some agents, who are misguiding the refugees over the submission of the documents and are charging exorbitant fees from the refugees. In this regard the government has issued 27,000 forms and till date we have received 7,500 forms, which are complete with all formalities and we have forwarded those to the centre government.
I also want to assure the refugees, that those who have submitted their forms with all formalities, should get their compensation in their accounts directly and also want to assure them that there is no role being played by any agent, don’t get panicked and wait for their turn, so that the centre government should deposit their amount directly into their accounts.
VG: It has also been noticed that some people are misguiding the refugees on the issue of power of attorney, is this true?
Div Com: This is true that there are many cases, in which some people are misguiding the innocent refugees over the issue of power of attorney, but I want to convey them that there is no validity of fake documents; our officials are very competent to take a final decision about those documents. The government has authorized designated officials to take a final decision, in rural areas we have asked the refugees to submit the certificates issued by lamberdars or chowkidars. Whereas, to provide a certified certificate in urban areas, we are trying to take a final decision to authorize a tehsildar, who will issue them the certificates.
VG: Providing the compensation to the married women, who has been shifted to other states or places is a big issue, resulting into disputes, is there any solution with the government to solve this issue?
Div Com: It is true that the government is facing many difficulties to provide the compensation in the cases, in which the women are as a member, but to solve that issue we have decided to follow the 578-C rule, which is the best to solve all disputes including the land disputes. As per the rule, the women members are not eligible to claim any compensation. The compensation is only provided to the men members of the family, no matter, what is the number of the family members, they will get only Rs 5.5 lakh as compensation, wheatear they are single or more.
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