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Face to Face with SSP Traffic Time for people to become more disciplined: SSP Traffic

YoungBites. Dated: 3/16/2017 10:38:23 AM

Stressing on the need to aware people about the traffic norms, SSP traffic, Jammu Nishal Nathyal, said this is time for the people to become more disciplined.
She was interacting with the Young Bites during an exclusive interaction.
Here are the excerpts.
Vijay Gupta
VG: People are struggling badly with long traffic jams, is there any plan to regulate traffic?
NN: It is duty of the traffic department to regulate the traffic in Jammu and we are performing our duty best, but it is not only our duty to maintain the flow of traffic but also the duty of people to obey the traffic rules so that other people should not be forced to face any trouble.
I think, Violators are not criminals, but sometimes these violators put the lives of other people in risk and it is dire need that we must aware those violators about the traffic rules. so that they as well as other could enjoy a safe driving.
VG: A meager fine for traffic violators is not enough, what you say?
NN: We at the traffic department are here only to enforce the laws, we are not law makers, so it is the duty of law makers to review the laws, which has become obsolete and are not enough to penalize the habitual violators. Meanwhile, it is also the duty of people drive their vehicle with complete documentation of their vehicle, so that whenever they are stopped for any checking, they can save their time at these checking points after showing the needed documents.
However, to further educate the public, 689 general awareness programmes and 359 programmes in schools and colleges were organized with the support of Motor Vehicles Department.
VG: Parking at some vulnerable places and on roads is a big issue. Is there any plan with the traffic department to avoid wrong parking?
NN: Really it is true that the wrong parking and parking at some vulnerable places is a big issue for us but the government is very serious to solve this problem and in this regard, we have a long term plan by construction of multi-storey parking at the Bus Stand and are creating more parking slots in the city, to save the people from heavy rush due to the ongoing season of festival and darbar move.
VG: Announcement of the new auto fares is a welcome step taken by the traffic department and the Motor Vehicle department, but still there are complaints about its implementation?
NN: Really to announce the new auto fares was the need of the hour and a big task for us, as regularly there were number of complaints in this regard with the traffic department. Now when it has been finalized and there is need for the implementation of this order in letter and spirit. In this regard, we have asked all the auto drivers to keep a rate list with them and make functional there meter, so that the consumers could not raise any question over the charging of augmented fares.
Meanwhile, if there is any complaint about extra charges, the people can complaint to traffic cop or other cops on duty, so that prompt and immediate action should be taken against the auto driver.
We are committed to provide our full services to the people and to provide them hassle free and smooth flow of traffic is our main motto. However, it is also the duty of people to keep a check over the meter of auto and if there is any problem they can contact the higher and concerned authorities.


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