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Face to Face with Div Com, IGP Need to make Jammu a big tourist destination: Div Com Dr. Pawan Kotwal

YoungBites. Dated: 3/2/2017 10:47:09 AM

Police is always working with people-friendly approach: IGP SDS Jamwal

* The administration is committed to make Jammu a big tourist destination as many big projects are in pipeline, claimed Divisional Commissioner Dr Pawan Kotwal, during his exclusive interaction with the Young Bites.
* While, the IGP SDS Jamwal, who was also present during the interaction said that the police is here to serve the people in better way and is working with the people friendly approach.
Here are the excerpts of
their interaction.
Vijay Gupta
VG: There’s a general perception that police are not helpful. What is your take?
SDS: The duty of police is to maintain law and order in the area and we are working very hard to maintain peace. Policemen obviously assert that they are doing their utmost. Notwithstanding this belief and assertion on their part, it is also true that the public at times is not satisfied with the service which is being rendered by the police organization. Undoubtedly, there is a need to address the issue so that not only do we do our best, but also the people know about it.
VG: Why people found it difficult while registering a first information report (FIR)?
SDS: I am of the firm belief that we have to ensure the free registration of cases. If a person comes to any police station, and his complaint [entails the] commission of a cognizable offence, a case must be registered, an investigation undertaken with speed, and a report [must be] submitted to the court after the completion of the investigation.
VG: After the surgical strikes by India, the incidents of cross border firing increased manifolds and thousands of border residents were affected, how the administration solved the issue?
Div Com: It is true that after the surgical strikes the incidents of cross border firing were increased manifolds, but administration at that time acted swiftly and shifted people to safer places. They were provided every facility in safe homes. The administration is fully geared to provide them every facility if any such situation is prevailed in future.
VG: There were many complaints about the non-compensation to the affected people. Is that issue is settled now?
Div Com: It is not right that there were any such complaints over the grant of compensation to some people. Administration after taking a swift action and prepared a list and granted compensation to each and every person, affected due to the cross border firing incidents. Meanwhile, the administration in a good step announced compensation to the animals, which were injured or killed in the firing.
VG: If a person gets frustrated by their dealings with the police, how can they reach you?
SDS : My office is open for every person, he can also visit personally and inform me about his grievance. There is a system of grievance handling in the police headquarters also. However, to sort out the public issues, I have already started holding public darbar in every zone. I will be meeting any citizen who would be coming to see me in office.
If anyone has any complaints or issues they can come and meet in the police station and in my office and point out at any officer who is not looking into their problems. This also puts my officers under watch from public as well as seniors.
VG: The concept to develop Jammu a tourist destination is not fulfilled, why?
Div Com: To make Jammu a separate tourist destination, it is need of the hour that the ongoing development projects could be completed on time, so that more and more tourists could devote their time in Jammu after visiting at these tourist destinations. Meanwhile, I have directed the concerned authorities to identify some areas in vicinity of important towns on the highways to develop way side amenities including public conveyance and essential commodities shops. Such facilities should come up at a distance of 50 kms from each other.
They have been directed to cover both the sides of highways to cater to the needs of tourists.


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